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Commuter Challenge

Commuter Challenge

What is the Commuter Challenge?

The Commuter Challenge is an annual event held by TMBA during Bike Month. It is a free and easy way to challenge your colleagues and your community to ride more while competing in a local level with other businesses. The Commuter Challenge provides a way to promote teamwork within your business, create a healthier workplace and get people excited about bicycling.

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What is different about the 2019 Commuter Challenge?

The Platform: In 2019, we will be partnering with the Washoe County Regional Transportation Commission to track biked miles using their Smart Trips alternative commuting program. This means that logging your miles will NOT be done through our website. While this means you will have to register an account on the Smart Trips site (if you don’t already have one), we think the change will be a good one. In addition to allowing us to more easily share active transportation data with our partners, the platform also gives the user some great immediate feedback. This includes money saved and fossil fuel emissions prevented.

The Timeline: In previous years. we have hosted a week-long Commuter Challenge. With a switch to a celebration of an entire month of cycling activities, we are now holding a month-long Commuter Challenge. If you miss some days due to travel or something like that, you’ll have plenty of time to get in rides and log the miles before the challenge ends.

Types of Rides: While we support many kinds of cycling in Washoe County, our Commuter Challenge this year will go back to focusing on documenting those rides that really are for commuting purposes. This is because we want to be able to show local governments and transportation planning organizations how many people commute by bicycle and how many miles they ride for that purpose. Sign up and log at least one extra commuting bicycle trip during May and help us send the message!

Looking for help getting your workplace involved?

Click here to download a handy-dandy Bike Month Business Participation packet. Share it around and help us get the word out.

We’ve already got tons of local businesses participating in the Commuter Challenge. Check the logos to the right to see who your business can challenge!

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Why Participate in the Commuter Challenge?

  • Fun: This is a team-building experience that will help build camaraderie in the workplace. Participants will work towards a common goal and be able to compete against other businesses in their industry, their region and throughout the country.
  • Health: Encouraging participation in the Challenge will help make your workplace healthier!
  • Economics: Employees can reduce car maintenance, fuel and parking expenses. Employers will benefit from reduced health care and transportation related costs.
  • Environment: Bicycling reduces emissions and greenhouse gases. Nearly 50 percent of all trips in metropolitan areas are three miles or less and 28 percent are one mile or less – distances easily covered by bicycle!
  • Promotion: The Challenge is a free and easy way to offer a local/statewide bike competition and participate in the national event. It provides data, healthy competition and a way to promote your organization or business.
  • Celebration: Joining the Challenge is a great way to kick off National Bike Month and build relationships within your own business, as well as with local, state, regional and national business communities.

Who’s participating this year?

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