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Bike Month (8)

What Counts as Bicycling to Work?

Riding your bicycle to work and back.
Riding your bicycle one way and going the other way by some other mode of transportation.
Riding your bicycle to work part way by combining biking with mass transit, driving, carpooling or any other way of getting around.

How do I record my bike rides?

You’ll need to sign in to record your rides.  (Register first if you haven’t done that yet.) After you sign in you will be directed to the Welcome page. From there click on the “Log Miles” button to be taken to your profile where you can enter your miles.

What is the registration cut off date?

To be eligible to win any prize, you must register and record the rides you took during Bike to Work, School, and Fun Week by Saturday, May 18.

How do I register a team?

You’ll need to be registered and signed in before creating a group.  Be prepared with a group name – which can be your employer’s name or another choice.  Go to http://dev.bikenevada.org/groups/.  Click on the red button that says “Create a Group.”  Then follow the steps.

I registered my employer in the Commuter Challenge; what’s the advantage of also registering as at team on the website?

Registering as a Team or Group (they’re the same thing on the website) allows you to connect with fellow employees, share messages with each other and in general have one place to discuss your Bike to Work Week activities.

How do I Register My Business?

To register your business, go to the Commuter Challenge Page (located in the top toolbar), scroll down and click on “Register Your Workplace Here,” then fill out the form. That’s all there is to it!

How do I Register a School?

School events can be registered by clicking on “Kids” in the top tool bar on the website. Scroll down to the link to the school registration page.

What Counts as Eligibility to Win Prizes?

Individual participants live or work in the Truckee Meadows, register on the BikeNevada.org website, and bicycle to work at least once between Saturday, May 11, and Friday, May 17.

Businesses must register for the Commuter Challenge and make sure all their participants are registered and bicycle to work during Bike to Work Week.

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