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What Counts as Bicycling to Work?

Riding your bicycle to work and back.
Riding your bicycle one way and going the other way by some other mode of transportation.
Riding your bicycle to work part way by combining biking with mass transit, driving, carpooling or any other way of getting around.

Is the Truckee River Path closed in Sparks?

The pedestrian and bicycle trail along the Truckee River from Spice Island Drive at Cottonwood Park east to Larkin Circle is currently closed.  The path on Sparks Blvd. from Big Fish Dr. (Legends Mall) south to Greg St. is also temporarily closed.  Users will need to use an alternate route.  (See FAQ responses on planning routes, access points for the path, and alternate routes.)  The Truckee River Path will remain closed until mid-summer 2013.

The closure is needed for the safety of path users and construction crews as work continues on the RTC’s SouthEast Connector Project.  Construction crews will be working with heavy equipment in the area to build the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge over the Truckee River.  For more information on the SouthEast Connector Project, please contact the project office at 775-398-5059; email info@SouthEastConnector.com; or access www.SouthEastConnector.com.

Can I get help planning my route?

Staff at all local bike shops will be happy to discuss route planning with you.  One of the owners of High Sierra Cycling and Fitness, Bonnie Debold, has offered to go along with cyclists on practice rides, schedules permitting.

The new RTC Reno/Sparks 2015 Bike Map is available at many locations including all bike shops.  An online version is accessible here and in Spanish here.

What are alternate routes from East Sparks to Reno while part of the river path is closed?

The best route selection for any rider is influenced by many factors including experience, destination, time of day, and personal preferences.  (Please see FAQ responses on getting help planning a route and access points to the Truckee River Path.)  Below are notes from a TMBA member on one of the routes she’s using from East Sparks to Reno while the path is closed.  It is shared as general information only and is not an official endorsement that you’d be safer on this route over another.

Carol:  I take local streets until I hit the bike lanes on Lillard; turn right on Lincoln (which has bike lanes except through the stretch at Legends); turn left on Howard by the Marina; turn right on the new cycle track on Nichols; then turn right on Victorian which has a cycle track between Nichols and Pyramid.  I stay on Victorian, which doesn’t have any bike lanes until Rock; but it does have fairly wide lanes, and the speed limit is low.  I turn left onto Kietzke, which has bike lanes, where it ties into El Rancho.  I then continue south (and cut back east) to my workplace.  If you’re headed farther west, you would have the option to get onto the river path at Fisherman’s Park (turn right and go through the parking lot).  If you like that route, when you’re headed eastbound, you could take the river path a little further exiting at the Fisherman’s Park entrance at Galletti and riding north briefly before turning onto Kietzke.

Safety tips:  The cycle tracks on Victorian and Nichols are great, but it’s still necessary to be very vigilant as they are crossed by driveways and streets and drivers do not always stop where they are supposed to.  There are no-right-turn-on-red signs for motorists at the McCarran/Nichols intersection, but they aren’t always obeyed by drivers, so caution is necessary even when you see the green bicycle light.  The stretch on Lincoln going past Legends involves two roundabouts.  Bicyclists can either dismount and go through roundabouts as pedestrians, or take the lane and go through them in a similar manner as motorists.  Always be alert and make safe choices when riding your bike.

How do I record my bike rides?

You’ll need to sign in to record your rides.  (Register first if you haven’t done that yet.) After you sign in you will be directed to the Welcome page. From there click on the “Log Miles” button to be taken to your profile where you can enter your miles.

What is the registration cut off date?

To be eligible to win any prize, you must register and record the rides you took during Bike to Work, School, and Fun Week by Saturday, May 18.

How do I register a team?

You’ll need to be registered and signed in before creating a group.  Be prepared with a group name – which can be your employer’s name or another choice.  Go to http://dev.bikenevada.org/groups/.  Click on the red button that says “Create a Group.”  Then follow the steps.

I registered my employer in the Commuter Challenge; what’s the advantage of also registering as at team on the website?

Registering as a Team or Group (they’re the same thing on the website) allows you to connect with fellow employees, share messages with each other and in general have one place to discuss your Bike to Work Week activities.

How do I Register My Business?

To register your business, go to the Commuter Challenge Page (located in the top toolbar), scroll down and click on “Register Your Workplace Here,” then fill out the form. That’s all there is to it!

How do I Register a School?

School events can be registered by clicking on “Kids” in the top tool bar on the website. Scroll down to the link to the school registration page.

What if I Get a Flat?

There are two basic approaches to getting a flat tire.  The recommended one is to learn how to install a new tube.  Here’s some helpful information – Changing a Flat – Quick Tips.  With a little practice, you’ll soon be a pro and love the sense of empowerment.

The other approach for the faint of heart is to carry a combination of a cell phone, lock and cash.  If you can locate a White Knight to come and rescue you, you may not need any money – although offering to buy him/her lunch might be nice.  The cash is in case you need to call a cab or catch a bus (all of the RTC buses are equipped with bike racks).  The lock is so you can lock your bike to something secure in case your rescuer can’t fix your bike or take it with you and there’s no close bus route.

Checking Your Bike Before a Ride

All local bike shops will perform a free safety assessment* to anyone who mentions Bike to Work, School, and Fun Week.  It’s also recommended to perform a quick safety check before every ride.  It really only takes a minute and can make your ride both more enjoyable and safe.  Here are tips from the Leaque of American Bicyclists on performing an ABC Quick Bike Check.

*A free safety assessment includes a bike inspection to determine use-ability and safety, but does not include actual remedy and/or repair of the bicycle.  It does include a helmet fitting.

What Counts as Eligibility to Win Prizes?

Individual participants live or work in the Truckee Meadows, register on the BikeNevada.org website, and bicycle to work at least once between Saturday, May 11, and Friday, May 17.

Businesses must register for the Commuter Challenge and make sure all their participants are registered and bicycle to work during Bike to Work Week.

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