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Pedego Reno Opens, Ready to Charge into Bike Month 2019

Pedego Reno Opens, Ready to Charge into Bike Month 2019

If you’re thinking about getting into the electric bike game, it can be a little overwhelming. There are so many brands getting into the market. There are So many questions to ask:

  • How does pedal assist work?
  • How big of a battery do I need?
  • How far will the bike go on a charge?
  • Are electric bikes heavy?
  • Will people make fun of me for adopting an awesome new technology that will increase my likelihood of participating in a non-passenger vehicle mode of travel?

The folks over at Pedego Reno have you covered! They’ve got a wide range of bikes (cruisers, fat bikes, tandems, folding, trikes, and more!) for you to check out in person. Their staff are trained up on the technology and the components to help get you in the know. Not ready to shell out for an e-bike of your own? They do rentals, so you can give one a try for an hour or two and see what you think.

Pedego Electric Bikes Logo

Here’s the best part!

Pedego Reno stepped up as a supporter of the Truckee Meadows Bicycle Alliance and our Bike Month activities. Pedego is donating a Comfort Cruiser – Electric Beach Cruiser to help TMBA raise money to support our events. How great is that!?

Red Pedego brand Comfort Cruiser bicycle.

Pedego Comfort Cruiser

TMBA is working on the details to raffle off this great e-bike during Bike Month. We hope to announce the lucky winner at our Bike Month After Party on June 1. Stay tuned!

Active Transportation: A better way to experience your town.

Active Transportation: A better way to experience your town.

A man on foot, on horseback or on a bicycle will see more, feel more, enjoy more in one mile than the motorized tourists can in a hundred miles.

― Edward Abbey, Desert Solitaire

Yesterday, I spent a few hours on foot in MidTown Reno distributing posters for Bike Month 2019. According to my phone, I logged just over three miles of distance traveled. Yes, we are a cycling organization and I did bike to a central location to start, but when you’re going door to door, continually locking and unlocking a bike can get tedious.

In any case, I had an amazing time. I got a chance to talk to several business owners about their thoughts on bike infrastructure. I got a chance to see several new businesses as well as business that were making upgrades or changes to their facilities. There was essentially a lot of exploring that I got to do and I learned quite a bit about MidTown that I didn’t know when I started the day. These are the types of experiences that you generally miss out on when you use a car to get to specific places. Active transportation (biking, walking, etc.) gives you more time to look, learn, and experience. Cars, too often, cut us off from the natural and cultural environment through which we travel. Next time you go to MidTown, regardless of how you get there, I encourage you to spend some time walking a little to see what you find.

Plaza Maya: Miguel at Plaza Maya took some time to chat with me about his hopes to be a bike and pedestrian friendly space. In the near future, they plan to make their current parking lot a car-free space to allow for bike parking. Miguel wants people to take advantage of the bike lanes on Wells and feel comfortable using Plaza Maya as a sort of “home base” when they can securely leave their bike while they walk and explore other local businesses. We even talked about having TMBA provide bike parking consultation so that whatever bike racks they end up with are functional for the greatest number of people.

Plaza Maya Now Open Sign

Courtyard Panorama at Plaza Maya

Micano Home Decor: Did you know that the owner of this local source of awesome, artistic home decor was hit by a driver while in a cross walk? For this reason and others, Sam is an advocate for appropriate infrastructure that allows for bicyclists and pedestrians to move about their community safely. On tope of that Micano offers some great bike-themed art pieces. Want a giant penny farthing sculpture for your house or yard? This is the place to go!

Micano Home Decor Sign

Micano Home Decor Penny Farthing


Happy (and safe) walking and biking!


RTC Board Approves Cycle Track for Center Street

RTC Board Approves Cycle Track for Center Street

On January 18 the RTC Board selected a two-way, protected cycle track to be installed on Center Street. The cycle track was chosen from among a few different alternatives. It will run from Cheney Street to UNR. This is amazing news and this cycle track will close a massive gap in our region’s bike network.

Many thanks to the RTC Board for voting on our preferred alternative and RTC Staff for studying and presenting it.

The cycle track is expected to be completed by Spring of 2022, so it doesn’t interfere with construction on Virginia Street in Midtown. RTC Board Commissioner Jardon indicated she was interested in seeing it done sooner.

This project will also bring standard painted bike lanes to Sierra Street.

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