Hi Cyclists, how was your experience biking to work yesterday? Are you riding today? Please share your thoughts on this year’s event with us here or on Bike2WorkNV Facebook page. Don’t forget to log your miles. Enjoy the sunshine today, and be sure to use sunblock! 🙂

  1. hdcb 4 years ago

    How and where do you want the miles logged. I post my commutes to http://www.rtcwashoe.greenride.com but I don’t see a link to record them here?.

    • BWadmin 4 years ago

      You need to sign in to your account, then click on the box in the upper right of the page that says “Howdy, your name”. That takes you to another screen where you can log your miles. Please let me know if that works. Thanks!

  2. mktwo1 4 years ago

    If Ice Cube rode his bike this morning, he would say “Today was a good day”. Perfect weather and meeting nice folks along the way, that’s a combination that you can’t beat.
    I see that the miles I’ve entered last year are showing when I click the Log Miles button. Do I just overwrite them?

    • BWadmin 4 years ago

      Yes, you can just overwrite them. Thank you!

  3. frank 4 years ago

    Is there a place on your page that shows a tally of each day’s total miles ridden? Thanks

    • BWadmin 4 years ago

      According to the web designer, there is not a daily total right now. It is a feature we are looking to add in the future. We will publish the weekly totals after the week is over.

      Thank you.

  4. Steven 4 years ago

    Bicycling to work. A lot of fun and a great way to calm the stress for the day. Parts of Pyramid Highway could be a bit wider especially as you get closer to McCarran road, and the crazy right turn where cars tend to scrape the curb. A big thanks to the pickup truck driver that created a shield from the drivers who were making a early turn lane. Overall I plan to continue to ride to work.

  5. Mario Licciardi 3 years ago

    Rode 76 miles on Saturday… Where do we log our miles?

  6. Mary Beth Roselli 3 years ago

    Thanks Mario. I am on a spin bike in Montreal logging a few. Not quite as fun.

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