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Benefits of Cycling

Benefits of Cycling

Need some motivation to get yourself on a bicycle? Read on!

Infographic showing numerical benefits of cycling.

Image Source: People for Bikes

Bicycling can help you live longer and better
  • 3 hours of biking per week reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke by 50%
  • Women who bike 30+ minutes a day have a lower risk of breast cancer
  • Adolescents who bicycle are 48% less likely to be overweight as adult
  • Bicycle commuting burns an average of 540 calories per hour.
  • The average person loses 13 pounds in the first year of commuting by bike.
Bicycling is less expensive than driving a car
  • The average American household spends over $8,000 per year on owning and driving their cars- more than they spend on food!
  • A daily 4-mile bike commute will save about 66 gallons of fuel per year
  • Most trips Americans make are short! 49% are less than 3 miles, 39% are less than 2 miles, and 24% are less than one mile. Ditch the car for that short trip and hop on a bike! You’ll find you can get there faster and for free via bike.
Bicycling boosts the economy
  • The U.S. bicycle industry sold $5.9 million in bicycles and equipment in 2008
  • Twice as many bicycles are sold in the U.S. each year than cars
  • Studies have shown that homes closer to bike paths are more valuable
Bicycling reduces road congestion and air pollution
  • Traffic congestion wastes nearly 3 billion gallons of gas per year in the U.S.
  • For every 1 mile pedaled rather than driven, about 1 pound of CO2 is saved.
  • There were 864,883 bike commuters in 2012.

There are just SO MANY great reasons to get on a bike. In fact, the folks over at the RyDoze blog have put together a list of 101 Benefits of Cycling. We encourage to take a gander and see which reason resonates the most with you.

Honestly, there is only so much we can do to try to convince you to get on a bike. If you’re not convinced by all these numbers and facts, we suggest you put the numbers to the test and GET ON A BIKE!

Start small, try a ride through your neighborhood and we bet you’ll start feeling the many benefits of cycling. When you’re ready for more, check out our list of bike friendly events.

Did you know that May is Bike Month? Bike Month is meant to inspire people to change up their daily routine with a bike ride. Replacing even one trip by car with a trip by bike will help you save money and get healthy. Cheers to bikes!

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