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Bike Safety for Kids

Bike Safety for Kids

Riding bikes to school is a great way to introduce kids to the joys of outdoor recreation,” said Officer MJ Cloud, who represents the WCSD School Police Department and Safe Routes to School. “Young people can use their bikes as an inexpensive and healthy way to explore their neighborhoods, spend time with their friends, and get some exercise in the fresh outdoor air. We are proud to help sponsor this event each year.


Click to find additional resources for children and bicycle safety.SAFEROUTES

  • Here is an additional handout on riding safely on the road. This is specifically geared to children.
  • Here is another handout on how to get to school safely.
  • Here is a fun coloring activity that provides bike rules for kids.
  • Here is a fun word recognition activity for younger children.
  • Here is a handout titled Bicyclists Make Smart Choices and it provides pictures with their rules to help children.
  • Here is a drawing and worksheet for children on the dangers of bike riding and how to avoid them.
  • Safety Resource Guide For Biking And Other Outdoor Activities

115 students at Jerry Whitehead gathered on May 6th, The National Bike To School Day, for a Bike Safety Assembly where they learned the most important tips like wear a helmet and follow the rules of the road.  They then rode together to the school and called their event “Whales on Wheels”.

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