Pedego Reno Opens, Ready to Charge into Bike Month 2019

If you’re thinking about getting into the electric bike game, it can be a little overwhelming. There are so many brands getting into the market. There are So many questions to ask:

  • How does pedal assist work?
  • How big of a battery do I need?
  • How far will the bike go on a charge?
  • Are electric bikes heavy?
  • Will people make fun of me for adopting an awesome new technology that will increase my likelihood of participating in a non-passenger vehicle mode of travel?

The folks over at Pedego Reno have you covered! They’ve got a wide range of bikes (cruisers, fat bikes, tandems, folding, trikes, and more!) for you to check out in person. Their staff are trained up on the technology and the components to help get you in the know. Not ready to shell out for an e-bike of your own? They do rentals, so you can give one a try for an hour or two and see what you think.
Pedego Electric Bikes Logo

Here’s the best part!

Pedego Reno stepped up as a supporter of the Truckee Meadows Bicycle Alliance and our Bike Month activities. Pedego is donating a Comfort Cruiser – Electric Beach Cruiser to help TMBA raise money to support our events. How great is that!?
Red Pedego brand Comfort Cruiser bicycle.

Pedego Comfort Cruiser

TMBA is working on the details to raffle off this great e-bike during Bike Month. We hope to announce the lucky winner at our Bike Month After Party on June 1. Stay tuned!