Infrastructure, Policy, and Advocacy

IPA Committee Mission: Support the development of polices and a built environment in Washoe County that promote the use of bicycles for transportation.


Better Bike Network

The BBN is this committee’s flagship project at the moment. The vision is to create a connected, protected, and equitable network of bike routes within the McCarran Loop. Click here to learn more…

Oddie/ Wells

Our Partner, RTC, is developing a strategy for upgrading the Oddie/ Wells corridor from about I-80 to Pyramid Way. We are working collaboratively with them to ensure that the design includes safe cycling facilities.

Center Street Cycle Track

We successfully worked with RTC, the City of Reno, and local businesses to initiate the approval, design, and construction of a two-way, protected cycle track on Center Street from the University to Cheney St. in MidTown. Construction is tentatively scheduled for 2021.

Bike Racks

Beyond bike routes, bike racks are a critical piece of infrastructure to support the use of bicycles for transportation. We advocate for appropriate design, placement, and density of bike racks to adequately support our growing cycling community. Email us with questions or to see how we can support your bike rack installation.

General Guidance

RTC Board Turns Blue

For 18 years conservatives have held decision-making power on the RTC board. What are the impacts of this inequitable situation? Click here to learn more from Reno News & Review…

Watch - Micromobility Plan

RTC staff member Sarah Going presents incredible figures on the reduction of road trips with the installation of appropriate micromobility infrastructure. RTC board members express concerns about who rides bikes. Click here to watch the presentation…

Transportation Survey