Take Action Now!

Make an Impact

Organizing doesn’t need to be difficult and time consuming, here are some quick and easy things you can do right now and make an immediate impact!

1. Make a Public Comment on the Mill Street Widening

RTC’s Mill Street Capacity and Safety Project.

Mill and Kietzke is a historically deadly intersection for cyclists where the bike path ends and there is high-speed traffic. The RTC is currently exploring expansions. A short comment form is available at the link above.


Follow federal recommendations to make bike paths continuous and install protected paths that do not double as emergency lanes for cars.

2. Email RTC Washoe about the Sparks Boulevard Widening

Email RTC Washoe.

Sparks Boulevard is set to add capacity for vehicles but leave bicycle and pedestrian facilities an afterthought. You can email Project Manager Jeffrey Wilbrecht about the importance of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure by clicking the link above or directly at: jwilbrecht@rtcwashoe.com


Follow federal recommendations to make bike paths continuous and install protected paths that do not double as emergency lanes for cars.

3. Submit the Build a Better Bike Network Form

Build a Better Bike Network.

This local website makes it easy to email your elected officials. Simply copy and paste the provided content, or write your own. Please tell your friends. If you complete the survey and include your address, we will send you a BuildABetterBikeNetwork.com bumper sticker!

4. Complete the Safe Mobility for All Survey

Safe Mobility for All Survey.

The Truckee Meadows Bicycle Alliance is partnering with local leaders to improve the safety of alternative transportation in Washoe County and solve traffic, parking and health challenges while contributing to the economy. To improve safety we need a concise and consistent message of what makes Washoe County residents feel safe using bikes, scooters, or other mobility devices. Your input will help TMBA bring a message to local leaders that includes a collective vision for Washoe County.

5. Report an Issue with Reno Direct

Reno Direct – Report an Issue.

Is there a problem with a ride route you use or have seen? Send it to Reno Direct. Whenever you see a problem, for instance, if a bike path ends or has holes or needs painting, you can send the issue to Reno Direct and they will respond. In our experience, they respond quickly.

6. Join a Ride or Send us a Ride

Community Ride Calendar.

The TMBA calendar aims to be a one-stop shop for all rides in Reno. If you have a ride you would like us to include, write to Events@BikeWashoe.org

7. Join our Mailing List

TMBA Mailing List Signup.

We send newsletters full of information about bicycling, infrastructure, and related news from our area. When important things happen and action events arise, you will be the first to know. We won’t share your information ever.

8. Apply to Join Our Board

TMBA Nomination Page.

Are you passionate about improving our micromodal network and reaching underserved communities? Positions open regularly throughout the year and the board reviews applications. If you are a stellar applicant who has put lots of thought into the application, expect a call from us. Often we pull candidates from people who have volunteered on a project prior to joining the board or demonstrated a commitment to bicycle infrastructure in Reno with real concrete results.

9. Make a Donation

TMBA Donation Page.

TMBA is an all-volunteer organization and relies heavily on donations of time and financial contributions. If you make it all the way through the list, make a donation, and include your email and physical address in the notes, we will send you a sticker. Thank you for your support!