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TMBA Mission Statement

The Truckee Meadows Bicycle Alliance is a collaboration between local governments, non-profits, businesses, and individuals. Our mission is to make Washoe County a safer and more inclusive cycling community. We host bicycle-friendly community events, share cycling-related information, advocate for better cycling infrastructure, and annually organize Bike Month activities.

Promoting bicycling as an alternative form of transportation is important to TMBA to reduce air pollution, reduce traffic congestion, and promote healthy, active lifestyles.  From 2005 until 2018, TMBA organized Bike Week in Washoe County.  Bike Week became so successful in the Truckee Meadows that in 2019 we are expanding our activities to encourage members of the community to ride instead of drive during the entire month of May.

It’s been a while since we’ve had the resources to make a Bike Week video PSA, but this one is just so great, we just like to keep it live for your viewing pleasure. Bike Week (and Month!) 2019 dates for Washoe County will be posted soon. Check back often.

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Who is the Truckee Meadows Bicycle Alliance?

There are many individuals and organizations that are involved in some way with the activities of TMBA. This includes volunteers who help with things like advocacy campaigns and event logistics. It also includes a number of local government and non-government organizations. Many of these groups either organize their own events during the month of May specifically to be included in our Bike Month activities. Other organizations in the Alliance provide support through logistical support, from providing space to hold our monthly meetings to providing design and printing services for our annual outreach materials. Below are a few of the organizations who have been great partners over the years.

Nevada Bicycle Coalition logo

Nevada Bicycle Coalition

The Nevada Bicycle Coalition (NBC), a 501(c)3 charitable organization founded in 2007, is an organization of bicycle groups and individuals dedicated to promoting safe bicycling in Nevada. NBC is the fiduciary sponsor of the Truckee Meadows Bicycle Alliance.

Regional Transportation Commission logo

Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County

The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Washoe County works closely with Washoe County and other jurisdictions to improve air quality, multi-model means of transportation and enhancing the quality of life for all residents and visitors to our region.  As a part of RTC, Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) includes members from across all walks of life who collectively work toward a better, safer, more bike friendly community.  RTC and BPAC have supported Bike to Work week since 2007 and will continue to do so by contributing in-kind donations, financial aid and volunteer support.

Washoe County Health District logo

Washoe County Health District

The Washoe County Health District (WCHD) has two separate sub-divisions that support TMBA activities.

Air Quality Management Division (AQMD): The WCHD-AQMD implements clean air solutions that protect the quality of life for the citizens of Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County through community partnerships along with programs and services such as air monitoring, permitting and enforcement, planning, and public education.  Supporting Bike to Work is another opportunity to help keep our air clean, reduce traffic congestion and increase overall health.

Chronic Disease Prevention Program (CDPP): Based on an understanding of our community’s needs, the CDPP seeks to empower our community to be tobacco free, live active lifestyles, and eat nutritiously through education, collaboration, policy and evaluation.

Reno Bike Project logo

Reno Bike Project

Reno Bike Project (RBP) is a 501(c)3 non-profit community bicycle shop and advocacy group committed to creating a nationally recognized, cycling-friendly community through advocacy, education, and cooperation in the Truckee Meadows. We support the Truckee Meadows Bicycle Alliance and Bike to Work Week to further promote bicycling as a means for commuting, recreation, and as a way of life.

City of Reno Logo
City of Sparks Logo

The Cities of Reno and Sparks

The sister cities of Reno and Sparks have supported TMBA activities through financial donations, in-kind donations, assistance with permitting. and assistance with event planning. The Arts and Culture divisions of both cities as well as the Sustainability division of the City of Reno have and continue to support Bike Month activities.

University of Nevada, Reno standard Logo

University of Nevada, Reno

The University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) Department of Environmental Health and Safety works to protect students, workers, visitors and the environment and strives for a more sustainable University. Toward that end, we support Bike Month as part of our efforts to improve both personal and environmental health. UNR also maintains a Bicycle Working Group (BWG) which encourages students, faculty, staff, and visitors to bicycle to and around campus. The BWG supports a campus cycling culture through education, incentives, policies, facilities, and more.

Kiwanis Bike Program logo

Kiwanis Bike Program

The Kiwanis Club of Downtown Sparks sponsors an ongoing program for bike repair, safe riding practices, and recycling in their Kiwanis Bike Program shop. It is home to ongoing clinics for youth organizations, refurbishing of bikes for at risk youth in our community and bike sales of a limited number of refurbished bikes. These sales support our programs, and go to support donation of bikes to youth in the community. Our programs could not exist without donations of bikes from our community.

Washoe County Safe Routes to School logo

Safe Routes to School

The Washoe County Safe Routes to School program educates, parents, students, school faculty, community leaders, and drivers about pedestrian and bicycle safety, especially around schools and within school zones while encouraging parents and students K-8th grades to choose human powered transportation alternatives when possible and reasonable.